How to Make a Holiday Book Tree

Lately, book trees are popping up everywhere. They are beautiful, festive, and make us bookworms feel warm & fuzzy. This year we set out to build our own book tree. We love our little tree & think every bibliophile should have their own.

Wondering how to build one of these beautiful book towers?

To erect a book tree that doesn’t topple with even the slightest movement takes finesse. (Instructions are also helpful) So, if you are looking to build a book tree without boxes, tables, or other fancy support systems then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find a tutorial on how to make a holiday tree out of books.

You can make this tree out of books you have at home, or buy in bulk at your local thrift store or library sale. Any books will work since the books are stacked with page edges facing outwards and titles hidden.

Book Tree Supplies:

  • BOOKS!
    • and lots of them! You can use hardcover or paperback books but try to pick books with similar thickness. This will ensure your book tree is stable and keep it from leaning or tipping over.
  • String Lights
  • Tree Topper
    • A photo, bookstore/library logo, a book (of course), or a traditional star

Optional Supplies for Decorating your Tree:

  • *Wrapping Paper*
    • This is for the base of your tree. We used brown Kraft paper but go ahead and pick something festive!
  • *Picture Frame Stand*
    • If your topper is a photo then use a picture frame stand to display it on the top of your book tree. You can also attach your bow and/or ribbon to the stand.
  • *Ribbon/Bow*
    • For some added decoration. Really, the possibilities for decorating your book tree are only limited by your imagination!

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Show us some of your own bookish decorations in the comments below!