Bookish Favorite – December 2017

In My Book®: “the greeting card and bookmark in one!”

You may have heard about In My Book®, creators of the all in one, greeting card bookmark. Their product has been reviewed by the likes of The New Yorker, Daily News, and Book Riot. They all agree that these are unique, personal, and beautifully illustrated cards that will delight any bibliophile. Now we here at Hideaway Books may not definitely do not have the stature or following of those other guys, but we do share the same adoration for In My Book®.

It’s rare to find a gift that is personal, practical, and pocketbook-friendly. In My Book® strikes the right balance with their greeting card bookmarks.

Obviously, we love the product, but before writing this we wanted to do our research. We read through their website, Biblio’s interview, and checked out all the mainstream reviews/press that we could find. Some may view our level of commitment as borderline stalking, but we like to think of it all being thorough. Finally, we reached out to In My Book® and that is where we received a happy surprise! Very soon after we sent our message we received a reply from Robin Blum herself! As independent booksellers, and humans, we appreciate personal attention. Especially when it comes to businesses. It was so sweet to find out that the greeting card bookmarks we love is being run with this level of response and attention to detail. So thank you to Robin for the response. We were pretty giddy!

A Little Background

Both the creator/CEO, Robin K. Blum, and her illustrator, Meredith Hamilton have bookish backgrounds. Robin was working for a Children’s book company, Kane/Miller Book Publishers, before dreaming up these greeting card bookmarks. ♥ woman entrepreneur ♥

Robin worked with Meredith, whose illustrations have been published in The New York Times and Doubleday Books (to name a few), to create the first 12 designs and In My Book® sold their first card in May 2000.

In My Book® created a booklover’s niche with their greeting card bookmarks.

What It Is & How It Works

In My Book® are whimsical, hybrid bookmarks with unique artwork and clever quotes. The best part is that this bookmark is also a greeting card. The inside of the bookmark card is blank with plenty of room to write a thoughtful message. Unlike most cards, which quickly end up either in the trash or buried in a box of memories, these cards stick around (Hooray to being green!). So, once the recipients are through gushing over your thoughtfulness, they can simply perforate the card and use the bookmark; turning a simple greeting card into a cherished keepsake.

Libraries, indie bookstores, or museum shops who wish to carry these can check out their wholesale shop.

The Specifics:

  • 18 styles to choose from
  • Made in the USA
  • Textured watercolor paper
  • Felt-finished 100lb. cardstock
  • Perforated edge to tear-and-read
  • Black and white illustrations
  • Beautiful red envelope included
  • Long enough for a detailed message
  • Perfect size for checks (can’t go wrong with a ‘cash’ gift)

Fun Ideas

  • Include it with the gift of a used book :p
  • Get a few for yourself! Anytime you lay back with your favorite book (or sit at your desk with your least favorite textbooks) you’ll get a lovely affirmation
  • Literary themed parties, Bookish events!
    • Party invitation
    • Placecard
    • Save the Date
    • Thank you notes
    • As an addition to your bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts
  • Bookish weddings- As newlyweds, we still have wedding on the brain and love the idea of making each of your tables a different genre. Display In My Book® on each table and as escort cards to help guests find their seat!
    • Escort cards and table numbers.
      • Themed tables: Sci-fi, Romance, Mystery, Novel
  • Book Club
    • With the week’s book title inside
    • Along with a book gift
    • With a bookstore gift card tucked inside
  • Favorite teacher, librarian…it is a card and a bookmark so really…ANY BOOKLOVER.

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