1.1 Business Pre-Planning:

Brainstorming Your Online Used Bookstore

Beginners Guide To Selling Books Online: Introduction |  Step 1.1

Brainstorm Your Business

This is your first step to start used bookstore online. Even though you’ll be selling online, it is helpful to picture your business in an imaginary world to get a sense of what your ideal business looks like. Try to envision as many details as you can and write those down.

What Does YOUR Bookstore Look Like?

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and envision what your bookstore might look like….

Where is your store located?…is it a shiny modern building in the heart of a bustling city or is it a tiny brick building tucked away in a small town covered in moss & ivy?

What kind of vibe do you get when you walk in?…is it hip, comfy, friendly, professional, whimsical?

Who do you see shopping at your store?…excited children & their parents, serious book collectors, young college students, busy professionals on their lunch break?

The vision of your store is bound to change as you start building your business so edit your notes as your bookstore evolves.

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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to starting your book business! Now we are going to use this information in step 1.2 Choosing A Name & Logo.

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