Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Selling Used Books Online

A FREE Beginner’s Series for Online Used Book Sellers

This series is a guide for entrepreneurs looking to start a business selling used books online.

Used booksellers are EVERYWHERE and large online sites, such as Amazon, have made it easy for anybody to sell their books with the click of a button. The difference between the casual seller -who sells a few books a year- and a professional used bookseller is night and day. Turning the sale of used books from a hobby into a business takes a lot of time, dedication and, most importantly, passion. We’re putting out this series as a guide for anyone who is considering selling used books online as their new business.

There are several types of online sellers in this industry however this series is geared towards:

  • People who want to start an online business selling used books
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-FBA sellers

Starting an online bookstore isn’t easy. When Hideaway Books started we were sure that we had all of our ducks in a row…boy were we wrong. It was an uphill battle to become an organized, legal, functional online seller. We were encountering issues in areas we didn’t even know could have problems! The point is that starting a used book business is not easy and through our entrepreneurial journey we’ve learned a lot.

In this series we will share what we’ve learned and focus on providing a step-by-step guide to starting a used book business. We will start at the very beginning & try to cover every step along the way including our own tips, tricks, and lots of free printable worksheets to help along the way.

What is covered in this series:

  • What to think about before you start selling books online
  • How to write your business plan
  • What you’ll need to build your Home Office & Shipping Station
  • How to organize:
    • Inventory
    • Orders
    • Shipments
    • Accounting & Finances
  • FREE Printables To Help You Start Your Business

1.1 Pre-Planning: Brainstorm Your Business

1.2 Choosing Your Business Name & Logo

1.3 Create A Mini Business Plan

We hope this helps you start your own online used bookstore. There’s no time like the present so let’s GET STARTED!

We want to provide information that YOU need so please send us a message or leave a comment below with any questions you’d like to see answered!