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Our 2017 Holiday Picks:
15 Bookish Gifts for Under $15

Here are some great ideas for book lover gifts. They all ring in under $15 and can all be purchased on Amazon (because who doesn’t love one-stop shopping shipped straight to your door)

1. Custom Bookplates

Bookplates always make great gifts for book lovers. It is a great way to personalize your collection & we think this peacock design is a beautiful choice (and can be personalized!). Plus you get to support the Amazon Handmade community.

2. Book Lover’s Journal

This Journal is perfect for ‘detailing your reading experience’

  • Keep track of what you’re reading
  • Books borrowed and books lent
  • Reading wish lists
  • Book Group information
  • Plus includes inspiration for new titles and authors to read next

3. Color Changing Mug

This has been on book lover gift lists for a while now but it is just too good not to include. The mug starts out black and a colorful bookshelf appears when filled with the warm beverage of your choice.

4. Out of Print Library Socks

These unisex library socks will put a smile on any book lovers’ face. And keep their feet warm for winter.

5. Seven Year Pen

Who doesn’t hate it when their pen runs out of ink? (and it always seems to happen when you are about to write something incredibly important). This pen packs 7 years of ink into one stylish pen. There are multiple designs to choose from to pair to your book lover personality.

*Eco-friendly: 100,000,000 pens get discarded every day (WHO KNEW??)*

6. Personalized Handmade Bookmark

This seems like an easy choice but we love supporting the Handmade community and with this bookmark you’ll be doing just that. It is metal bookmark that you can personalize with a bookish quote or custom message.

7. Hidden Book Lock Box

As book lovers who own two ‘secret’ book boxes we can say that this gift book lovers will enjoy. This is an upgraded version of what we have as it includes a lock. Put your valuable inside, lock it up, and place it on your shelf. Odds are your English Dictionary will not be the first book anyone grabs off your shelf.

8. Paperback Book Cover

Another Handmade item, this stretch fabric book cover is a great way to decorate your paperbacks (works on hardcovers too) without ruining your books. There are many colors to choose from and a gift book lovers will enjoy.

9. Read Books Tea Spoon

Books & tea go hand in hand (although this works well for fellow coffee drinkers as well). A happy bookish note makes sitting down for tea and reading that much better.

10. Personal Library Kit

A gift for the generous book lover. This old-fashioned library circulation kit is a fun way to keep track of your book lending…and a good way to make sure they are returned.

11. Literary Candles

Lately, bookish candles have popped up all over the place. We chose this particular line because:

  • They come in a reusable tin box
  • Double wick
  • 20 hour burn time
  • All natural
  • Made in US
  • The scents
    • The candlemakers, Paddywax, describe their scents best; “every candle fragrance is a blend of custom notes designed to evoke the spirit of author for which it is named”

12. Novel Teas

Literary quotes attached to 25 English breakfast tea bags. Again, tea and reading. Adorable gift for book lovers.

13. LED Reading Light

There are a lot of reading lights available but this one doubles as both a light for your ‘real’ books as well as for e-readers. It also has a few different designs and colors to choose from making it a great gift.

14. Shakespearean Bandages

A novelty gift, yes, but if you happen to get a cut what book lover wouldn’t want to cover it up with an insult from ol’ Bill.

15. Novel Notes

These are perfect for jotting down notes while you read plus they double as a bookmark. Great for saving:

  • Words to look up
  • Research
  • Ideas
  • Key Study Points

So there it is. Our 2017 list of book lover gifts under $15 and all available on Amazon.

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Do you have a gift idea to add? A favorite bookish gift you were given? Tell us about it in the comments below!